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Akana API Platform 2018.0.0 helps you develop, manage, and secure APIs. JMSL 2018 is tuned for high-performance data analysis with tools for big data. TotalView & CodeDynamics 2018.3 improves mixed language debugging & streamlines your debugging sessions. Accelerate Java development with JRebel 2018.2.0. Quickly deliver secure, reliable, and conformant code with Klocwork 2018.3.


Two of the most important topics on everyone’s mind when developing PHP applications are performance and security. Rogue Wave Software and RIPS Technologies teaming up to show you how you can utilize our solutions to help make your PHP applications safe and fast. Watch now.


Zend provides commercial support and security fixes for PHP 5.6 until the end of 2020 at a minimum and for PHP 7.1 until the end of 2021. Learn more.

Zend Server

The Professional PHP Distribution with Advanced Value-add Capabilities

Zend Server helps developers create quality apps faster, automates the  delivery of those apps from code to production, and provides the best back-end platform to ensure your apps perform at scale.


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Your Innovation. Delivered Faster.

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Zend is proud to work with companies big and small across a wide range of industries.  Zend Server equips them with the infrastructure and insight to support rapid application releases, and scale their apps both on-premise and in the cloud.


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We’re excited to see Zend innovating with the Magento developer in mind. Z-Ray’s Magento-specific capabilities help developers deliver higher performing and higher quality code faster, better delivering on the needs of the ecommerce- backed enterprise.


 Alan Kent, Magento Chief Architect



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Zend subscriptions provide support for both Zend Server and the PHP runtime.  We even provide long-term support and security patches after open source support expires.



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